3. Clowns To The Left of Me, Jokers To The Right...

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

In the Spring semester, I finally found myself starting classes on the campus of one of the more affordable state universities without a clue about what to major in. At the time I didn't consider music to be a realistic major in terms of being able to make a living at it. So I embarked on an exploration of successive majors which was interrupted by a student strike which effectively shut down all classes.

What followed was an incredible period of passionate idealism applied to trying to right the wrongs of a corrupt administration in Washington and elsewhere. There were demonstrations, rallies, speakers, building takeovers, music, and consciousness raising at home and away. And best of all, there were all night campfires on the shore of Lake Ontario with my fellow revolutionaries.

However, it all came crashing down when I came to the conclusion that there were just as many jerks and hypocrites on the left as there were on the right which caused me to sever my ties with radical politics as I veered ever closer to my elusive but inevitable muse.

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