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Composer, Pianist, Writer, Teacher
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  WELCOME to the 2021 edition of!  I hope you are well! 

This website is a portfolio of my work.  I hope you enjoy exploring the content.


  • COMPOSITION & RECORDINGS: Now that The Presence of That Absence, my new album of eight songs written and recorded in 2020-21 has been released for distribution to over 30 streaming music sites I am turning my attention to my next project with the working title of Art and SoulIt is planned as a set of alternating songs and instrumental interludes.  Meanwhile please check out Say It Again, The Ocean, Robo-Girl, I Can't See Your Face, and Dancing On Water on the Recordings page or by clicking on the Soundcloud button below.  

  • Also Featured on the Recordings page are the 2019 Parma Recordings of Love Dance and Crossing The River from Blue Ballet Suite recorded by members of the Ergon Ensemble in Athens, Greece.  Now to find some dancers!   

  • POETRY:  See my latest set of eight poems entitled 2020 VISIONS on the poetry page.

  • PLAYS:  "Luminous!" "Magical!" "A triumph of the human spirit!"  No, these are not words written by theater critics in praise of one of my plays, though I wish they were.  They are the words I used to formulate the writing standards and to describe the desired effect of my play Debussy's Daughter.  The Skyladder, Hail Mary, Debussy's Daughter and Cleopatra's Tomb were a lot of work, fun to write and read, and provided sanctuary from the cares of the world.  Even if they are never produced, I have to agree with one actor who said, "I think you have something very special there."  See the Plays page for more details.

  • PUBLISHING AND SYNC:  Eraser Music is my ASCAP affiliated publishing entity created for the purpose of marketing my music to the film and TV sync market.  So far it's proving to be a tough nut to crack due to having to reduce my music to metadata, and the sheer quantity and inconsistent quality in the current surge of music and video productions.

  • PIANO:  I completed my last repertoire cycle with new recordings of Blue Ballet Suite Movements 1 & 2, an excerpt from Michel Legrand's Grammy award winning composition Images and two other previously recorded pieces.  My current repertoire focuses on pieces by Gershwin, Ravel, Chopin, myself and continuing work on Rachmaninoff's Prelude in Gm in preparation for the return of live music performance opportunities.


  • MUSIC EDUCATION:  In person lessons at the Portland Conservatory have resumed, and I have started a new piano teaching job at Stone Coast Music Studio.  Stay tuned for more details.  

My music is available online at the following links:   


"I listened to your recordings – very nice!  Great chord changes throughout (Dancing On Water was really sweet!), keyboard work and vocals – reminds me a little of Steely Dan mixed with Stevie Wonder and Level 42. I had no idea you could sing like that.  I especially liked Robo-Girl!  Your friend Richard has a nice touch on guitar, too.  Congrats!"

- Ken Eichler, Songwriter for Showtime's City on a Hill

"Thank you so much for your great performance.  We really enjoyed it." - Opus 1 Music Studio 

"I enjoyed Robert Gans' performance of his own Dreamscapes...virtuoso pieces in a neo-romantic style that has deep roots in American music... Gans is at his best when most daring."   - Christopher Hyde, Portland Press Herald

"Your playing is fantastic and the selection of pieces is wonderful.  I will be buying more of your CDs."

"Thanks so much for sharing your orchestra compositions with me.  They are amazing pieces.  They really should be heard."

"Soundscape for piano and Rhapsodic Variations played by the composer, showed that the romantic style is alive and well at the conservatory." - Portland Press Herald

"The Streets of Portland is a fun filled nod to the Victorian era and Irish culture with enhancing musical accompaniment by composer Robert Gans." - Portland Press Herald