2020 Visions





Sounds and scenes of blues and greens

Of cards upon the table.

Vote for me.  I’ll set you free

As soon as I am able.



AI: Smartworld


Take my place, amazing Grace.

Saving face?  I wonder…


I talk to myself.

Is there anyone else?

Or is it really all about me?


I talk to my phone so I’m never alone.

But I’m the only one that I see.

Alternative fact is the name of my act.

You can even catch it on TV.


I used to walk on the shore

Content with the sun, sand and sea.

My senses ablaze in the thick morning haze

But now that’s no longer me.


You stopped me dead in my tracks.

I was just trying to relax.

You took issue with something I said.

You started spouting your lies

Until we’re all hypnotized

By the cloud of data in your eyes.


I talk to my house.

I talk to my car.

And now I even talk to my bed.

I talk to the stove.

I talk to the sink.

Politely as I ask for a drink.


I talk to the fridge,

To the glass in my hand,

Certain someone will understand.

I talk to the doorbell to ask what you sell.

But I couldn’t hear your reply.


I talk to the clock

And the thermostat.

And now I find they’re all talking back.

I talk to the lights

And the TV too.

‘Til there’s nothing left for me to do.


Watch out for you, watch out for me.

No need to look as there’s nothing to see.

Electronic eyes do my seeing for me.

No longer need to acknowledge the we.

Filled with ourselves you see.


 Virtuous Reality


Don’t need no reality.

You can’t know what you don’t see.

You can’t feel what you don’t feel.

The virtue of what’s real is real.


Don’t care too much about losing touch.

Conditioned not to feel too much.

Touch is something that you feel.

My perfect world’s the real deal.


 Don’t care for risk, don’t care for pain.

Don’t care much if it looks like rain.

All those things are in the way

Of a perfect world on a perfect day.


Reality just pulls me down.

Makes me feel like I’m a clown.

Dirt is dirty and piles the mess on.

My perfect world, a painless lesson.




The First of Never


Long, long waves of will

Beat on the distant shore.

Back and forth in the deep and dark.

Still too early to tell.


To smell, to tell, to plum the well

For disingenuous truth.

I can’t remember who I am,

Or where to find the proof.


Harder, harder keep it going.

To grow a crop the seeds we’re sowing.

No needle and thread, No candle in bed

To read the map of where we’re going.


Not enough!  Not there yet!

Must push on! Must place the bet.

To find what’s lost has quite a cost.

And the odds are constantly growing.


Up down. In out.

Over, under, around, and through.

I’ll take the bet and what’s more yet

I’ll place my money on you.


The view it keeps on changing.

My words are rearranging.

Not too shabby. Not too clever.

Deadline is the first of never.


These highways and byways of sand and straw

Clearly exist outside the law.

The law of man fills a thousand books.

The laws of nature a thousand nooks.


Will anyone understand?  Will anyone get it?

I think probably only the few who let it.

Opening their minds and their souls to a view.

Of the nonsense expanding inside of you.


Must return.  Must try again.

Must fall apart and make a clean start.

Must let the overlay all drop away.

Streams are for fishing. Dreams are for wishing.


Courage and bravery for dreams and aspirations

Eaten away at moments of hesitation.

Rituals count and add surface luster.

But the rest depends on the breath we can muster.


Come up for air.




Vanity Fair


I handle my friends

With a velvet glove.

My fans follow closely,

With the grace of a dove. 


In the race

for social media space.

So connected.

And so much fun.


Version 2

by far the best.

Leaves behind

all the rest.


I fill my soul

like a deep, dark hole

That will never, ever see the light of day.


Bring it to me! 

Can’t you see? 

I made me,

A sight to see.


Body perfect.

Mind so bright.

Glow so real. 

Come and bathe in my light.


But not too close.

You’ll see I’m a ghost

And my self

is somebody else.


I fill up my soul

like a deep dark hole

That will never, ever see the light of day


Dress to impress,

with all the right bling,

Eat the right foods,

own all the right things.

My own mother

don’t know me no more.

I’m down and I’m sick. 

I’m dope to the core.


Sell, sell, sell,

I know it so well.

Almost forgot

And jumped the bell.


Can’t you smell

that burning smell?

Created by me.

Living in hell.


Don’t look too close. 

Don’t look inside.

There’s nobody home

but that’s where I hide.


Once the devil

invited me in,

and said that vanity’s

his favorite sin.


You just need to know

where to begin.

I’ll take it over from here.




Homeward Bound


Rolling around on my spot on the ground,

Never making a sound.

Am I even here?


Hear! Hear! Let’s all give a cheer.

This is the year that we jettison fear,

And holding you dear I conclude.


Whither thou goest, there go I.

With an eye on the sky

Like a big pizza pie.


I once heard long, long ago

How the human race moves to and fro

Without destination, without a peep.

Desperately seeking some place to sleep.


I thought I could tell that I knew you so well

When the leaves fell in heaps on the ground.

But fooled once again by the littlest of men

I fell asleep without even a sound.


What did you mean by making a scene

That left us sprawling on the ground?

I suppose that I’ll ask for the dreaded wine cask

That plummets in being unbound.


I’m tied to no one and no one can see

The thing that’s important living in me.

I ask all the questions and tell all the lies.

Why do you stand there looking surprised?


You can’t fool me.  I know better.

I got your card and then your letter.

You spun a tale of misery and woe

Until I could see it was time to go.


Oh woe to be!  Will you set me free?

Free to walk the sand and ice?

Somewhere I spied while awaiting a ride

Someone who was never as nice.


As nice as me, as nice as you.

As green as green, as blue as blue.

So look no further, Sit and sew.

I left for the coast a moment ago.


Wildly moving beyond the pale,

beyond the dark, beyond the trail.

The sun is rising.  We’re setting sail.

Homeward bound, we tell the tale.



History Lesson


The glory that was home.

I see it in my space, in my face, in my place.

In the rhythm of the race, I see it all around.

In my town, coming down,

Gone without a trace, like a clown without a face,

Like a frown on my face.


What it was, what it is, and what it shall be,

Is gonna be around long after you and me.

No one gets to ride this train for free.

If you want to play, you got to pay the fee.

Amateur night just ain’t the way for me.


That’s dope. That’s chill.

Can I get it in a pill?



The Accidental Tourist


Accidental tourist, didn’t ask to be here.

Things moving fast, nothing familiar I fear.

The surface light reflecting, the deeper need rejecting,

I know I’ve never been here before.


Great expectations, it hurts me to hope.

Being a tourist helps me to cope.

The same mistakes seen over and over.

No looking over a four leaf clover.


That scales fell from my eyes,

Should come as no surprise.

Build us up and tear us down.

That’s how it works in this town.


Chorus: There is just one thing.

If the laws of deceit are king,

And if nothing is what it seems.

Then how can we believe in dreams?


All you’ve got to do is see it through.

See through what they’re trying to do.

Go to any length.

Hold on to your balance and strength.


I don’t belong here.  That much is clear.

And becoming clearer year by year.

What you don’t know, is this one’s on you.

The wages of sin when the bill comes due.