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Prologue and Quartet

Posted 9/10/23 


Prologue:  The Man-Made Island


I who can go nowhere,

Raging and trapped

In this cold, watery environment

Salute the adaptive genius

Which allows you your freedom.

With myself destined as it were,

To collide with itself.





(Written while flying over the Atlantic Ocean)



  1. Tentative Longings



Lost in thought.

Going back in time

To the history of the moment.


A drop

In a swirling sea

Of ambiguous forethought,

And the knowledge that

All I am is not of my own making.


(Crossing over now)


N’est ce pas cherie?

Oui, c’est ca.

Le chose plus dificile

Est le chose que

Nous ne pouvons pas trouver.


Mais le chose est

Sous notre nez,

Regardant nous dans la face.




2.  Anima


Qui est la liberateur

Do mon coeur?

Ou habite-elle?

Et comment s’appelle t’elle?


Je ne vois pas sa maison,

Et je ne sais pas sa addresse.

Mais elle est present

En tous les places de mon vie.


Elle me rempli

Avec raison d’etre.

Elle est jolie

Comme le printemps

Descendant du ciel.


Comme une ange

Qui me sauve de moi.

Je la vois,

Mais elle n’est pa la.


Est ce que je suis aveugle,

Ou simplemente bete?




3. Trust Life (and Goethe)



We lean,

Reaching over the abyss.


Not knowing if we will fall

Or create a bridge

Over the yawning emptiness.


Around us,

People laugh, smile, talk,

Conduct their daily business.

Have they known this feeling?


Specks of dust,

We are blown over the void.

Some see it

And are motivated by it.

Some don’t

And are not.




4. Journey’s End



Contracted to a point,

Not expansive,

Not encompassing all possibilities,

But a seed penetrating the womb,

Male, creative.


Sensing salvation.

Paradoxically sunk,

Dropped to the bottom.

Yet whole, relaxed,

Poised, certain,

In contact.


Anima, animator of my being,

Free my soul.

Expel the pretender.

Be the paradox

And reside in my being.

Home at last!



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