What the.....?

Okay, so it's now seven years later. I had moved out of my home a year earlier and gone to live with a friend to avoid collateral damage from a painful and protracted parental divorce.

Part of the pain was learning that there was no money available for me to go to college. I had already been accepted at Hofstra University and gone to orientation but now found it necessary to reapply to the less expensive State colleges.

I had a NY State Regents Scholarship to cover tuition but needed to raise money for living expenses which forced me to get a job on Wall St. In stark contrast to the Wall St. environment, Greenwich Village and its counter culture was my favorite haunt during that heady exciting time.

Music was present in my life as an avid enthusiasm for Rock music. But while other aspiring musicians my age were already embarked on a clear path, my own musical involvement was still somewhere over the horizon.

When I had saved the necessary money, off I went to an initial college semester which was further from Wall St. than anything I could have ever imagined. But as I was rapidly learning, life is frequently what happens while you're making other plans.


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