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58. Every Which Way

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

I have succeeded in writing a scene by scene synopsis of a new play called Edgy as I proposed to do in my last blog. As I also mentioned in that blog, this is not an especially promising time for an unknown author to introduce a new play while theaters are slowly sputtering back to life and manuscripts are undoubtedly piling up. So now what?

I have decided to use this blog as an ongoing vehicle to work out my direction. Since completing my album release in April and recording a piano part for a song by a friend of mine I have started the following projects:

  1. Voyage: A completed instrumental composition

  2. Whiplash: Completed song music and lyrics

  3. The Eyes Have It: A poem

  4. Edgy: A play synopsis

  5. Islands in the Stream: A recital program for 12/2 (Also a book by Hemingway which I am currently reading.)

  6. Oceanemotion: An original piece for strings and piano in progress

  7. Touch and Go: An original piece for piano in progress

  8. Endless: An original piece for flute and piano in progress

  9. A bassline basis for a song

......And formulated many, many other ideas.

So as you can see, one third of my dilemma is that I am going everywhere and nowhere. The other two thirds are that the music business has turned into an algorithmic pit of metadata mediocrity, and the perception that nobody really cares about my music anyway.

I can write in a vacuum of course, which is mostly what I am already doing. But if you are reading this, I thank you for sharing your attention and interest without using social media as your point of entry. For me this isn't a social activity. As Philip Marlowe once put it, "I don't play at this. I work at it."

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