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66. The Eyes Have It

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Shoulders, arms and hidden hands,

The lip that curls and makes demands.

Ears that hear our silent thoughts

Filled with woulds and shoulds and oughts.

Our forms conceal a thousand reasons

Formed across a thousand seasons

Of lust and hurt and thought and pain

Of wind and snow and driving rain.

The neck sweeps graceful to the head

Balanced on a marble bed.

I wait for you across the ages

Across the seas, and darkened stages.

Your chest robust and filled with air

Making sounds that show you care.

Our lips and legs and backs are burdened.

Our feet face backwards heel to curtain.

Ankles, knees and elbow bend

Creating strength to face the end.

Fingers curl and gesture fair

At hips that sway and cut the air.

But the eyes have it. They hold the truth.

On shifting sands, in blazing youth.

Clairvoyant source with blinding force,

Our gaze projects an altered course.

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