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80. In Memoriam

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Robert Gans Sr. 1930 - 2023

Evelyn Gans 1928 - 2023

I have many fond childhood memories of my dad and my stepmother Evelyn… putting up the Christmas tree, swimming and barbecues in the backyard, family dinners, campfires at Beb’s lake, trips into Manhattan to great restaurants, shows at Radio City Music Hall, an absolutely fantastic night to remember with them at the St. Regis Roof where I met Michel Legrand (see picture below) and saw him perform followed by Bill Evans and Tony Bennett at Carnegie Hall, staying at the Jersey shore with the Barbera/Anselmi clan, doctored up canned ravioli on Sunday nights, trap and skeet shooting at Englishtown NJ, and them coming to pick me up at my college graduation. He was an intelligent, sensitive and somewhat mysterious man. I am forever grateful to him for teaching me many of the basics of life. And even though Evelyn suffered painful losses in her life, she was an unquenchable source of life and joy. He was fond of quoting one of his relatives who used to say, “You just missed a good chance to say nothing.” So I’ll leave it there…. So long Dad and Evelyn. I’ll miss you both. - Your son, the other Bob

Me and Michel Legrand

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