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Updated: Jul 3

Well, I'm back having weathered nine weeks since my last entry. I'm looking for a thread to pick up which doesn't include the coronavirus because that's getting more than enough coverage even though some people still don't seem to take it very seriously.

I've been pretty successful keeping myself busy and productive because I appreciate the value of structure and am good at creating it. Most of the relevant details can be found on the Home Page. Now however I'm beginning to feel the need to de-structure a bit and let things take their own course a little more. This is being caused mostly by my feeling of being a small leaf adrift on the surface of the powerful undercurrents moving our world at the present time. I purposely avoided the term "moving forward" because we seem to be stuck in a one step forward, three steps back pattern. I feel increasingly swept up and unavoidably influenced by the larger macro forces in our environment like the government, the economy, health issues, technology, media, and even the weather. In short, all the things I have no power over.

I haven't identified my new narrative thread yet, but I'll think of something. Meanwhile, use your free time wisely, and I invite you to browse my previous 38 blog entries.


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