Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away....

Piano Wars!

The evolution of my career in music has been anything but typical. I find myself constantly interacting with other musicians who seemed preordained for a music career due to an abundance of precocious talent and graduate degrees. My start in music was somewhat less promising.

I started piano lessons around 2nd grade with a nun at school, and you didn't go home until you got it right. I played in some school recitals and then moved on to private piano lessons at home with a different teacher and equally inauspicious outcomes. I was bored to death with the dry and dusty piano methods I was presented with, preferring to noodle around on the piano with my own ideas, or an occasional movie theme.

This did not meet with anyone's approval. I was told I could not work on my own music until I learned how to play the "masters." I strained against this yoke for about 5 years and was finally set free to pursue other interests.

I also sang in a school choir for part of this period. But the greatest benefit of my piano lesson experience was that it taught me everything a piano teacher should not do.

Fast forward seven years. But that's the next chapter.....


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