38. The Beat Goes On

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

During the 2018 - 2019 year at the Portland Conservatory I focused on taking advantage of as many opportunities as possible to perform piano pieces by myself, Chopin and Jimmy Webb. I played first at a Steinway Comes to Maine event, followed that with a faculty fundraiser concert, a Noonday Concert and filled in at a concert for another performer who was unable to play. And I of course taught my wonderful students!

I organized readings of two of my plays, wrote piano-vocal scores for two of my musicals and joined the American Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers (ASCAP) as part of a new initiative to get my music picked up for movie or TV productions via sync licensing.

In July of 2019 I approached Parma Recordings about scheduling a studio recording of the sextet movements I had recently scored for Blue Ballet Suite. The recording was completed in November, followed by several rounds of editing, and my current quest for a ballet company willing to perform all or part of the ballet. I made tentative plans to meet with the Portland Ballet Company's director after their April production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. And then, the coronavirus happened....

....which brings us to the present. So, having completed the first personal-historical phase of this blog with thirty eight postings, where do we go from here? Now more than ever, in the present unprecedented health crisis, that is the $64,000 question. Stay well and stay tuned.

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